Incredibly creative dishes to make with all those leftovers

Incredibly creative dishes to make with all those leftovers

Struggling to find a way to use your leftovers at the end of the week? Here are a few of our recent recipes that you can make with the food you've bought from Mealfit, and more than likely stuff you've already got at home. Links to every recipe can be found on our website and in each section of this article so you can make them as soon as possible!


Chicken Pizza with a Creamy White Cheese Sauce

Got some smoked or shredded chicken left over at the end of the week? Got kids (or a spouse) that love pizza? Throw that chicken into this amazing recipe that's sure to be a hit for the whole house.



Skillet Steak and Eggs 

Who doesn't love steak for breakfast? If you've got some leftover steak in your fridge, a few eggs, and some potatoes, this dish will be no problem at all.  For all of you protein fiends out there, here's a fun way to mix it up for your first meal of the day. 



Ground Beef Carbonara

It's creamy, it's cheesy, and it's 100% leftover-friendly. If you've got some leftover ground beef at the end of the week, here's a little taste of Italy for you to put it to good use. 



Black Bean and Roasted Sweet Potato Quesadillas

These quesadillas are a great way to use your leftover beans and potatoes, but they're also great inspiration for how you can use any leftovers. Quesadillas, omelets, and soups are all great ways to incorporate a variety of different food groups and flavors!



Ground Turkey Stuffed Avocados

Gotta love it when just the name of the recipe makes you hungry. Here's a very colorful and appetizing way to incorporate the ground turkey you haven't used this week (along with some Mealfit Taco and Anything Goes seasonings, of course).



Homemade Vegetable Soup

Like we said earlier, soups are an incredibly versatile way to incorporate your leftover food. Got some extra broccoli, mixed veggies, or potatoes? Throw them in this hearty soup recipe that will warm your heart and fill your belly.



Shredded Buffalo Chicken Dip

We may have saved the most delicious for last. Especially if you're entertaining for Saturdays in the fall, throwing some of your leftover shredded chicken into this amazing buffalo dip will send your guests home happy. 


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